ITALY — Open for less than a month, the Italy Volunteer Fire Department station fell victim to property damage inflicted by a semi-truck early this week.

Italy Police are searching for the driver of the truck who attempted to make a turnaround on the property at 1:22 a.m. on June 16.

The station, located on Dale Evans Dr. in Italy, was formally dedicated on May 20 after many of the department’s members helped with the construction of the building.

“It (the truck) came through Italy and pulled into the parking lot of the fire station to do a turnaround. Because of the size of the vehicle it could not make a clean turn and had to back up several times,” Italy Police Chief Mike Taylor said. “It backed up into the flowerbed, damaged the irrigation system and damaged part of the sidewalk. It busted loose a parking curb. It was probably anywhere from about $3,000 to $4,500 worth of damage.”

Taylor said when he first viewed the video of the incident there was a concern that the semi-truck might have been stolen.

“When I first saw the video that certainly was a concern because they are moving this vehicle at night when they shouldn’t. Sometimes that happens simply because they don’t want to pay to get the permit. You have to get a permit to transport those vehicles,” Taylor stated. “At this point in time, I haven’t developed any information on a vehicle like that being stolen. I checked that morning with the sheriff’s office to see if anyone had made a report, as well as with other agencies.”

Taylor believes the item the semi-truck was hauling on its flat bed was a concrete or asphalt grinder. This type of machine is used grind road surface before a new road is put down.

Italy Fire Chief Don Chambers said is upset by the carelessness shown by the driver of this semi-truck, which caused the property damage.

“He got in here and decided that they could not turn around without running through the flower bed. He ran through it and hooked it on the sidewalks,” Chambers said. “Right now our police department is investigating it.”

Chambers said one of the volunteers found the damage and notified him while he was out on vacation at the time. No damage was done to the building itself.

People with information about this offense are asked to contact the Italy Police Department at 972-483-6414. The department is located at 161 W. Main St. in downtown Italy. Anyone with information can also contact the Ellis County Crime Stoppers organization at 972-937-PAYS. Callers can remain anonymous.


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