RED OAK — Third-year Red Oak City Council member, Gordon Toney was renamed as the city’s mayor pro-tem during the regular session of the council Monday evening.

“Councilman Toney has served the city and council well. In my absence, he has a good availability to serve if need be," Red Oak Mayor Alan Hugley said.

Toney recently retired after spending 30 years in teaching and coaching in Red Oak and Highland Park Independent School Districts. Toney and his wife, Nancy, have resided in Red Oak since 1990. Nancy is director of state and federal programs and testing for Red Oak ISD.

Several public hearings were also held over a variety of ordinances for the council to consider.

A text amendment change in the Red Oak Zoning Ordinance for clarification of “carports” by providing a definition and appropriate regulations was among those.

Explaining the need for the change, Red Oak City Manager Todd Fuller said, “An amendment to the current verbiage is needed for Zoning Ordinance for the City of Red Oak in order to clarify 'carports' being a non-permissible use. Therefore, the current verbiage does not fully address the intent of the City which is to prohibit carports in all.”

Fuller further stated the current verbiage of the ordinance implies that a carport is not permitted for side yards, only, and then in residential districts, only.

The proposed ordinance verbiage reads, “Carports are prohibited in all zoning districts. Any carport constructed prior to the effective date of this Section shall be treated as a nonconforming use, in accordance with Article 4 of this Zoning Ordinance.”

The revised ordinance further defines a carport as a building or structure detached or attached to part of the main dwelling or structure designated for the primary purpose of storing motor vehicles and which structure is open to the weather on at least one side.

A unanimous decision passed the ordinance change.

The developer of a proposed new hotel came closer to building in Red Oak with the passage of a zoning change from highway oriented to planned development.

The developer, Arun Patel, requested the change to allow additional development regulations for a hotel under the La Quinta Inn and Suites name. The hotel will operate as a Del Sol.

Describing the need for the change, Fuller said, “Petitioning for the change, Patel planned on building the hotel with 70 rooms. However, Patel said the La Quinta Inn and Suites requires hotels to be constructed with a minimum of 85 rooms.”

“Based on HO zoning, the proposed hotel with 85 rooms and 1,565 square feet of commercial floor area would be required to have 93 parking spaces. Due to lot size, the 93 spaces cannot be met,” Fuller said.

Following approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission, Patel’s request was unanimously approved.

A request by the First Baptist Church of Red Oak for a zoning change to build a church office and plan for a future gymnasium was unanimously approved. The office will be built first, as the gymnasium will require additional studies and approval before construction.