WAXAHACHIE — Two late Waxahachie residents who spent their lives investing in themselves, real estate and education will continue their dedication to the students of Waxahachie ISD for a very long time. Time is running out, but WISD seniors still have an opportunity to apply for a piece of a first-year $30,000 scholarship awarded by the Education Foundation for Waxahachie ISD.

The Education Foundation will award several Frankielou Jett Scholarships that were created after the Jetts donated their $1.5-million estate to the district following the passing of Fankielou last year, said WISD Education Foundation Director Jenny Bridges.

"We were aware that Miss jet planned to leave her estate to the foundation, but we were not anticipating it to be so large," Bridges said. "It was a very, very pleasant surprise. Her generosity still just touches all of us. She and her husband worked extremely hard and the fact that they felt so strongly about education, WISD and our kids' post-secondary education is a really nice thing."

Bridges explained that the Education Foundation is required, as part of the estate, to award a minimum of $30,000 annually to WISD seniors from Waxahachie or Global High Schools. She also noted that the scholarships can be awarded to any student with plans to attend a college, university or vocational school, with the latter being a unique opportunity that the foundation is excited to offer.

"It was really cool for them to realize the importance of vocational schools and the fact that they take money, too," Bridges said. "We are so lucky in this town to be in such a generous community. It is fun every year to go to the senior award ceremony and see all of the scholarships that are being given out. To be able to do something on the level of $30,000 a year is amazing, especially that we are able to bless one student every year with $10,000 to use towards their education. That is really significant and is exciting."

According to Bridges, the Education Foundation will award one student $10,000 that is paid over four years and is based on academic and extracurricular involvement. There will also be $5,000 awarded to one or more vocational students, $5,000 distributed to students with plans to teach and 10 $1,000 merit-based scholarships. She also explained that the endowment is invested, so if the market does well the amount awarded could increase from year-to-year but will never be less than $30,000.

Applications are due Friday, April 21 and can be found in any of the high school counseling offices or at http://schools.wisd.org/users/0003/docs/Scholarships/JettScholarshipApplication.pdf.

The scholarship recipients will be chosen by a board comprised of Bridges, three members of the Education Foundation, two high school teachers, a career guidance counselor and, at the request of the Jetts, Max Simpson. The application consists of a short fill-in-the-blank form, a one-page-maximum personal statement, resume of extracurricular activities, and letter of recommendation.

"It's such a gift to this community that the Jetts worked so hard for all of those years and wanted to pass on their legacy to the kids," Bridges said. "We are incredibly, incredibly thankful. This is just such a generous gift and what did extraordinary way for their legacy to live on. This estate will live on for a very, very long time and that is exciting."


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