ITALY — The sound of rolling thunder from several motorcycles filled downtown Italy early Saturday afternoon as bikers converged on the Italy Police station.

However, it was not a rally or weekend ride that had the members of the Lords Motorcycle Club out and about. The local club hand delivered a pickup truck filled with teddy bears to Italy Police Lieutenant Guy Saxon.

“These bears will be given to the children by members of the police and fire departments who have had a sad experience and need comforting," club member Sherry Howard said. “I heard about this program on the internet and did some research. I found that some of the other area cities including Plano have a program where first responders carry these bears in the vehicles to give to children that are in or having a crisis experience.

“After doing some more research on the program, I decided that Italy needs this. So I brought it up to our guys who all said it was a really good program and get it started."

As soon as Saxon opened the doors to the city hall, the bikers and their family members began filling the front the building with approximately 30 donated teddy bears.

“Anytime a kid has been involved with an unpleasant experience, these bears will help them calm down and talk to us if we need their help,” Saxon said

The club took up a collection to fund the project. Howard then went to Wal-Mart to purchase the bears to be donated.

“When I got to the checkout counter, the cashier asked what I was going to do with all the bears. I told him they were going to be donated to help children who are in need,” Howard said

Club President Erick Lewis added, “This really makes me feel good knowing that one day, one of these bears will bring happiness to a child and a family. We are a family club, and we appreciate the values of being a part of a whole family.”

After he thanked the club for the donation, Saxon stated, “These bears will hopefully give a child in an unpleasant situation a positive feeling and give then a positive memory to hold on to."