To the Editor,

When's the last time you played the game of clue? A mystery challenge to discover where the crime was committed, by whom, and what weapon was used. We have a modern version being played out in Washington. Instead of the Clue Mansion, the scenario is being played in the White House. The theme is to pinpoint the crime, expose the culprit and discover the scene of the crime.

Early in this new game, Colonel Mustard was eliminated because of communication failure and the rope was tied around his neck. Potus Plum sits in the Oval Office using the smart phone weapon to pose the question of an illegal unmasking of private citizens, before his election and inauguration. Across the way, in the Bowling Alley, the dagger weapon was found where both the blue and red parties were being stabbed in the back, but by whom? If you follow Professor Green, who grandstands in the Ballroom and advises the mainstream biased media, you would learn the poison pen weapon is the common device to advance [propaganda, some bits of truth, with twisted personal opinions, to offer "clues," that are often NOT based on fact. Fortunately, Mrs. White is in the kitchen, with the iron tea kettle, brewing up "fair and balanced," information to get to the bottom of all the misinformation.

The game of Clue is child's play but the revised new version is being drawn out to divert Potus Plum"s agenda to center on policies he promised to benefit the American people; instead there is a wrench thrown in to make crime accusations first and foremost. Time to stop playing games and act as adults, not children.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie