WAXAHACHIE — Saving three lives may sound like something only heroes can do, but blood donors are heroes who save three lives with each donation.

These everyday heroes give the blood that benefits patients with cancer, heart disease, organ transplants and even new moms and babies — when required. Giving the gift of life only takes about one hour and it can also help the blood donor to feel good, too.

And March is the perfect month to put an extra "spring" in that step, says a Carter BloodCare press release.

Waxahachie Rotary is hosting a blood drive from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, March 16 at Citizens National Bank in the parking lot on the Carter BloodCare bus. For more information or to schedule an appointment time, contact Jan Merrill at (972) 523-3223.

Not to be missed in the cloud of dust, the Cowboy Church of Ellis County is also hosting a blood drive from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday, March 19 at 2374 West Hwy 287 Bypass in the parking lot on the Carter BloodCare bus. For more information or to schedule an appointment time, contact Mary-Kate Moran at (972) 935-9801.

For more information on the donations, visit carterbloodcare.org and click "give life" to watch videos of personal stories of lives affected by blood transfusions. Additionally, share a personal experience of your own by emailing Carter BloodCare at TellUsYourStory@carterbloodcare.org.

Carter BloodCare urges all blood donors to consider giving routinely and reminds donors that whole blood can be donated every 56 days. Moms can give blood on behalf of their children. Husbands can donate on behalf of their wives. Anyone can give blood in honor of a person who is special in their life. To donate blood on behalf of a loved one, make an appointment at a Carter BloodCare donor center near you, or donate at a local community blood drive.

Remember to eat a nutritious meal and drink plenty of water at least an hour before giving blood.

All donors must weigh at least 110 pounds, feel well on the day of donation, and present a government-issued photo ID each time they give blood.

Potential blood donors may first volunteer at the age of 16 years with parental consent, while 17 year olds may give independently, and there is no upper age limit for donating blood. For more information on donor eligibility and to make an appointment, call 1-800-366-2834 or visit carterbloodcare.org.