WAXAHACHIE — New Waxahachie head basketball coach Greg Gober visited the Rotary Club to explain how this year’s basketball team is different from previous teams and what exactly it is that separates them. Coach Gober is a graduate of WHS where he played basketball for Waxahachie Hall of Fame coaches Jack Aldridge and John Nickols.

The coach’s guiding principal is, “When somebody tells you, 'No,' find a way. There are always people enough to tell you no. You can’t play because you are too small. You are too slow. That isn’t the job for you. If you want it, take that as motivation to do whatever it takes to make it happen."

Gober explained that of the players on his team are good guys — they just didn’t know how good they were. They did not know how to put their skills and attitudes together to win. With the coach’s guidance, the team has accepted the slogan “Destroy Excuses” to remind them they can do it. Excuses are the reason some people do not reach for more. The world is full of excuses.

Another mantra the Runnin' Indians have is “Bring IT Back.” He said you will know what "IT" is when you see it, and you can see it in the play of the team this year and how they relate to each other and to the coaching staff. The players care about each other and the community. According to Gober, they are a brotherhood.

Gober explained the goal of the program is not to develop college basketball players but to teach the players to do something they love. They can use the skills learned as players to do other things they really want to do, and should ultimately go to work happy every day because they are doing something they love.

One of coach Gober’s proudest moments came off the basketball court when he was named “Teacher of the Year” after teaching for years. Gober said he was always told he was really "just a coach," so the recognition was especially meaningful. He expected to win games, but this recognized his real skills.

He said the most motivating factor for teens is making them relevant and making them feel important. Make what they do meaningful, and they will work for it. These are words you can use to motivate almost anyone.

For more information about the basketball games and tickets visit the website at www.waxahachieindians.org.

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