If ‘Dandy Don’ were alive today, my guess is he’d be using those words to describe the plight of today’s Democrats in the Senate and House. I mean, for goodness sakes, how much more unhinged and desperate can a group of people become? You saw it on full display this past Tuesday night when Trump gave the speech few thought he would give, much less could give and you likely watched as dozens of adults sat on their butts while the life of a fallen hero was honored. You also took note, I’m sure, of the amateurish “white out” in the House chambers – an act intended to somehow produce a positive outcome but that only makes a foolish bunch look even more foolish. If the disdain for such behaviors weren’t so strong, I’d pity these people.

When a political party finds itself led by a rabid, senseless horde of inept knuckleheads who can’t see their own self-destruction, it has turned into a party for whom the light barely flickers anymore. The likes of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Pat Leahy, Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken and Patty Murray, to name a few, are more than enough reason for term limits. These people are dangerous, misguided and incompetent to sit in any elected office. They are self-serving ideologues who care more about their own dopey legacy than doing what’s best for America.

America will never prosper at the hands of those who have done so little to create the kind of opportunities people in this country need. Oh, we hear about the Democrat’s so-called commitment to helping the poor, caring for the unemployed, protecting the environment, loving illegal immigrants and all that nonsense, but we also know the number of those in poverty in America has never been greater, that more people are on welfare than ever before, that our military might has been vanquished, the debt is at its highest level in our history and that the very people claiming an outrage at climate change are synonymous with snake oil salesmen performing at some whacky carnival.

What’s more is that the defacto leader of the Democrats, Barack Obama, denied just three months ago that Russia could not and did not meddle in the 2016 elections. Even so, the Democrats on Capitol Hill are now setting themselves on fire to convince us Russia gave Trump the victory. What put Donald Trump in the White House is the same thing that has compelled voters since 2010 to boot over 1200 Democrats out of office from small town mayoral races to United States Senatorial elections – that is, the bankrupt mindset and twisted behaviors of the Democrat Party. You’d think a six-year butt-whuppin' like that might cause a party to rethink its vision, but not the Democrat Party. In fact, it has jostled its impotent, dulled claws deeper into strategies that further alienate more and more voters. Call me crazy, but that’s crazy.

The hate mail I’m most sure to get regarding my take on the left will be manifestations of what makes them who they are. For the Democrat Party, it’s not about solutions or reasonable debate, it’s about doing whatever is necessary to protect the base of voters it knows it needs to have any shred of power in America. That ‘whatever’ includes shouting down those who see things different, misrepresenting the facts about most every issue and an all-out press to exact personal destruction on whoever gets in the way. The hysterics regarding Jeff Sessions is but one sad, pathetic example. The insane belief they can impeach Trump is another.

I say we let the Democrat Part continue its own march down failure lane as the rest of America recognizes that for us to have a chance at triumphant recovery, Trump is a necessity.

In the meantime, the light gets dimmer.