WAXAHACHIE — A Waxahachie resident was sentenced to six months in jail by a jury of his peers after he forced a Target shopper to leave with more than she intended.

According to Ellis County court documents, Curtis Wayne Diggs, 37 of Waxahachie, was found guilty Friday, Oct. 14 of indecent exposure, sentenced to 180 days confinement*, which was suspended, placed on community supervision for one year and assessed a $750 fine after an Ellis County jury spent the better part of two days deliberating. Diggs, with the approval of his attorney, waived his right to appeal his conviction of the Class B misdemeanor.

Court records show that at approximately 2 p.m. on Jan. 8, Diggs, while in his blue Kia, pulled up next to a woman loading groceries into her pickup truck in the Target parking lot, located at 1316 Dallas Highway 77, and exposed himself.

“The woman called police and followed the Kia down Highway 77,” a press release from the Ellis County and District Attorney’s office states. “The car turned off of 77 near Walgreens, where the victim made contact with a police officer. The Kia was soon stopped by Waxahachie Police at Navarro College on John Arden Drive.”

According to the release, the woman arrived at the scene of the arrest per Waxahachie PD’s request and positively identified Diggs as the driver who exposed himself in the Target parking lot.

Presented during the hearing was security footage from Target that showed Diggs “circling through the parking lot for approximately fifteen minutes before slowly pulling up next to the victim,” the release continues.

“In his closing argument, Assistant County & District Attorney Russell Jones showed the jury a still photo from the Target security video,” the ECDA press release added. “Jones pointed to a small girl in the photo and told the jury that’s why they needed to be concerned with this crime because Diggs exposed himself in broad daylight at a place where anyone, including children, could have seen him.”

*(Updated 11:14 a.m. on Oct. 19) The jail sentence was suspended, per Ellis County and District Attorney's office.