To the Editor, 

How many average voters think beyond election day? How many are influenced by news coverage and political ads they are bombarded with, weeks before election day? This is exactly what the Democrats rely on to boost their candidate. In bed with them is the major news media. For example, ABC, NBC, and CBS, just this past week, flooded political coverage of the Trump accusations with 29 MINUTES of airtime; compare that to 57 SECONDS of alerting viewers to WikiLeaks regarding HRC's involvement and her campaign's communications.

Their party response: these reports cannot be verified, yet they do not deny them. On the other hand, the decades-old accusations by the woman, also cannot be verified. Though Trump and a few witnesses deny them, the same press implies Trumps' guilt, rather than Hillary's guilt.

A prime strategy of the Democrats is to use deflection. Already, to draw attention away from HRC and her staff and their questionable comments in the WikiLeaks. the President and VP immediately turn the focus to Russia and how they are trying to offset our political process. And to add accusations that Trump is "palsy" with Putin. Wikileaks founder and Putin may delight in chaos in our political process, but we do a good job of it ourselves.

The Dem. Party has a balloon of clout: super-pac donors, Hollywood elitists, major news media, support even outside of America, like senor Carlos, the Mexican billionaire, owns part of the NY Times, and foreign Clinton Foundation donors, like Saudi Arabia, who we know do not recognize woman as equals. HRC has high political surrogates like Obama and Biden and Bill Clinton, Mr. sex-offender, while in the oval office, himself. Add to these, Michelle Obama who recently excoriated Trump for the 11 yr. old private tape, but do you remember her bashing of HRC in 2007, questioning since she could not keep her own house in order, how could she do so in the white house?

It's easy to see, Michelle is campaigning for her husband's legacy, NOT HRC.

If the Democrats have done so well, why is there an account recently of low morale in the FBI, over Director Comey's HRC decision to let her slide? there is a deficiency in Veteran affairs, law enforcement concerns, armed forces depletion and under-equipped to defend us, gov't inefficiency in the ACA, IRS scandals, over-regulation for businesses, which affects employment growth. Does a reported low unemployment rate indicate HIGH PT jobs?

Why does border patrol, ICE, support Trump? The list goes on.

Democrats are the masters of disguise. Proclaiming they are champions for the average citizen, what actually has been done that is good for them? ACA added 20,000 uninsured to health care, What happened to the other 10,000?

Tell me about the other 300,000 citizens? How many have higher premiums, higher deductibles, less coverage, maybe new doctors, and who dropped health insurance because of cost and less availability in some states?

In 7 yrs, 9 mos.,under Obama, African American unemployment in urban areas is higher, less home ownership, promoting illegals here has affected employment openings for us, more pt jobs instead of ft jobs because of ACA.

With Trump, what you see, is what you get; with Hillary you get a phony two-sided toss coin. Wikileaks has verified HRC saying to one crowd one policy. Then she turns around to advocate a different policy. Over 30 years, HRC had her eyes on the Oval Office, and a chronological review clearly shows each step taken to achieve that goal. Under the democratic ticket, her supporters are united to put her in power to keep regulating Govt. control, and liberal appointments and reverse the image of America at home and abroad, with open borders, global economy, until we no longer look like America. All readers need to evaluate what this election is up against in the next 2 weeks.

The Daily Light editor commented on a 2020 Paul Ryan ticket. If the Democrats rule for another term, I realistically cannot see a future Republican or even a Conservative Party victory. With my family history, who knows if I will see 2020.

Therefore, time is of the essence; I am a political realist but still a Republican optimist. GO TRUMP and everyone who casts a valuable vote for him and the party.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie