WAXAHACHIE – Most of us recognize that we will lose our parents. Many of us will lose our spouses. There are names for those of us suffering these losses – widows or widowers or even orphans.

There is no name for someone who has lost a child. It is unimaginable to most of us.

Stephanie Schaefer gave birth to a baby boy in a Philadelphia hospital. She named him Chase J. Schaefer and within five hours surgeons were advising her to let him go.

He had been born with a severe heart defect and the doctors felt Chase had no chance to live. Stephanie turned to Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia and at ten days old Chase had his first operation.

Because he had only the left ventricle, Chase was not eligible for a transplant, however, God sends angels to help us and he was one of them.

Chase survived his operations although he was only given a five percent chance.

The Rangers were playing in the World Series at that time and Stephanie heard the game in which C.J. Wilson pitched.

“C.J.” was also Chase’s initials, and Stephanie was inspired to fulfill a dream and move to Texas. Chase thrived in Texas and was a happy little boy.  

One night Chase passed away without warning. This was not supposed to happen – Chase was four and a half years old.

God won’t give you something you cannot handle so she looked for the joy. Chase’s life, and living each day to the fullest, led her to start the Chase Foundation to help others.

The Chase Foundation serves families touched by terminal illness, helping them navigate through unimaginable circumstances by maintaining faith and reminding to #ChaseLife.  For more information contact Stephanie Schaefer at (817) 719-6197 or email her at chaselifefoundation@gmail.com.

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