A school board candidate from the May 7 WISD school board election has filed for a vote recount.

Candidate Amy Hedtke, who came out of the election with only 32 votes, filed a request for a recount Monday afternoon at the WISD Administration Building as a way to address residents’ concerns about the three-vote difference between candidates Floyd Bates and Joe Langley. Langley won the election with 681 votes, including 87 absentee votes, to Bates’ 678, with one provisional vote and 57 absentee votes. The school board officially canvassed votes Thursday.

“This is just an opportunity to allay their fears and concerns. File the petition for the recount. Get the recount, get it on record, that way there’s assurance that this election was fair and accurate,” Hedtke said. “There are reasons the election code makes provisions for a recount, and this is another opportunity to let the community know this is an option and this is another process in the election and they have the right to do this if they want, and petition the government.”

Hedtke filled out a form at the administration building, signed it and turned it in, and paid $200 for the petition. The form was then delivered to the county elections office. The entire recount is in the hands of election office officials, said Jenny Bridges, the school district’s spokesperson.

“As an issue of public trust, this is how we move forward in the election process,” Hedtke said. “A lot of these don’t seem like concerns to me, but I’m very well acquainted with the concept of under-votes and the different strategies different candidates and people utilize within their election process, but just because I’m convinced it’s OK, doesn’t mean everyone else is. Just the fact that people have concerns is enough for me.”

Only candidates are allowed to petition for a recount, according to state law. A recount can take anywhere from 18 hours to a couple days after the request is processed, said Jana Onyon, the Ellis County Elections Administrator. The recount may happen as soon as 1 p.m. today, said Bridges.

“The best course of action from every single resident is to get more involved in the election process,” said Hedtke. “I think you will get a lot more confidence in our elections just by improving the education of the general public.”



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