The Auxiliary to Baylor Medical Center at Waxahachie prepared for another year of helping and healing as it inducted new officers at its biannual meeting Tuesday and announced its members donated a total of 19,355 volunteer hours between June 1, 2006, and May 31, 2007.

“I am just amazed at all you have done,” said Jo Ann Johnston, first lady of Waxahachie and the inductor of the new officers. “It is just amazing to me. I would like to give you a hand for all your good work.”

The Baylor Auxiliary officers for the 2007-2008 year are president Eva Calvert, first vice president Kaye Brower, second vice president Helen Tucker, recording secretary Wanda Craddock, corresponding secretary Sherry Dicks and treasurer Nancy Williams.

Catherine Lyon stood in for Calvert, who was at home recovering from surgery.

In a phone interview, Calvert, said she was pleased to be returning for her second year as president of the organization, of which she has been a part for nearly 10 years.

“I feel very grateful that they have that much confidence in me to do it again,” she said. “I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and we have a real good group of people in the auxiliary.”

Calvert said she plans to continue the successes of the auxiliary’s current fund-raising projects, including the gift shop and thrift store the group runs, and a recent bake sale. Through its efforts, the auxiliary was able to donate money for new furniture in four of the hospital’s waiting rooms two months ago and provide nine $750 scholarships to nursing students during the past year.

“We have some more money that we’ll be buying some equipment and things that they need in the near future,” she said. “You get lots of blessings from serving and I feel that we are doing a lot of good at the hospital, and they seem to appreciate us a lot.”

Although Calvert has another three months of recovery, she said the auxiliary will continue to run smoothly while she rests.

“They’re doing a good job, all of them,” she said. “They all know what to do, and that makes me feel better. If I didn’t have all of them I’d really be worried about it.”

At the meeting, each officer was presented with a potted plant of a different color to symbolize the purpose of her office: purple for the royalty of president; yellow for the friendship of the first vice president, who also serves as head of the membership committee; orchid for perfection in the second vice president; white for the blank pages awaiting the recording secretary’s pen; green for the pleasant background of the corresponding secretary; and gold for the riches of the treasurer.

“I am so proud of all of you for accepting these jobs,” Johnston said.

The auxiliary has grown by 25 members during the past year, Brower announced, with three more applications under consideration.

The group also selected the nominating committee for next year’s officers, went over financial reports from the auxiliary-run gift shop, thrift store and other fund-raisers and acknowledged volunteers reaching the 1,000, 2,000, 2,500, 3,000, 4,500 and 6,000 marks in their volunteer hours.