The Johnson 4-H meats judging team traveled to Texas A&M University in College Station on June 6 to compete in the annual Texas 4-H State Roundup Meat Judging Contest.

The Johnson County team walked away with second place scoring 2,160 and earning a trip to the Western National 4-H Round-up in Denver, Colo., in January of 2008.

The Johnson County students that make up the team are Amanda Mason of Joshua, Conner Kelley of Joshua, Kyle Russell of Alvarado and Zach Goodwin of Alvarado.

The meats contest tests studentsí skills in meat evaluation and retail cut identification in the species of beef, pork and lamb.

Contestants are required to identify retail cuts after first identifying the species and wholesale cut of the carcass as well as naming the cookery method for each cut.

Placing classes require students to evaluate and place carcasses and cuts based on quality and yield.

They must also defend their placing decisions through oral reasons on multiple classes.

An extensive knowledge of meat science coupled with livestock anatomy and physiology is required to be successful in this contest.

The results are as follows:

Beef Judging:

Third place team Zachary Goodwin: Second high individual


Second place team Zachary Goodwin: Sixth high individual Amanda Mason: Eighth high individual

Retail ID:

Second place team Zachary Goodwin: Second high individual Amanda Mason: Third high individual


Second place team Zachary Goodwin: First high individual Amanda Mason: Fourth high individual Kyle Russell: Eighth high individual

Total judging:

Second place team Zachary Goodwin:First high individual scoring 740 Amanda Mason: Fourth high individual scoring 727 Kyle Russell scored 693. Conner Kelley scored 637.

Overall individual competition:

Zachary Goodwin was first high individual and was awarded $250. He set an individual record with a score of 740 out of possible 750.