Dr. Kenneth Lee Russell, 100, has donated a

significant natural area in East Texas to serve as a Service Animal


Russell oftentimes read about the plight of service

animals that have served our country in time of war and then are

euthanized, die or are disposed of without proper ceremonies to

dignify their great sacrifices on behalf of our country.

Russell believes that animals have souls and are

entitled to the same respect in death as their human companions. 


The cemetery is not limited to military service dogs

but is also available for “green burials” of those service animals

that aid the blind, the handicapped and as companion animals for

the elderly and those in need of emotional support that only an

animal can give.

 The land in which the animals may be buried without

charge was donated by Russell in memory of his wife of 72 years,

Marjorie Haw Russell, who was given a “Green Burial” in 2007 in one

of four “Green Cemeteries” established by the Russell family

through their church, The Universal Ethician Church.

Military service animals may be buried wrapped in an

America Flag and given full military honors and may also be buried

alongside those servicemen and women with whom they served, in that

the service animal portion of the green burial ground is adjacent

to the recently dedicated Wounded Warrior Purple Heart Veteran

Green Cemetery which was also donated by Russell.