EDITORíS NOTE: The following is part of an ongoing series on the planting and care of gardens and lawns, provided by the Waxahachie Crape Myrtle Council.

I donít know if you could call my grass green like I wanted for Christmas Ė maybe chartreus would be a better description. But at least what I can see of it is not a dead brown. Maybe it will hold out until after New Years.

Actually, you canít see a lot of the grass, since it is under a layer of live oak leaves.

I hope to grind the oak leaves and put them in the lawn as mulch. That will protect it Ė and maybe make it turn back green sooner than it would otherwise.

Happy New Year!`

Waxahachie is the Crape Myrtle Capital of Texas, and although the Crape Myrtle Council will no longer be selling these beautiful trees, we hope the residents of Waxahachie will plant more and more. They are available at excellent prices at your local nurseries.