EDITORíS NOTE: The following is part of an

ongoing series on the planting and care of gardens and lawns,

provided by the Waxahachie Crape Myrtle Council.

For years I have thought how nice it would be if my

grass were still green on Christmas. I particularly wanted it green

if my daughter who lived in Colorado was coming for Christmas.

The weather and the grass never heard me so we had a

brown lawn every year before Dec. 25.†

Iím writing this four days before Christmas, and

would you believe that my grass is still green? Other lawns in the

area are a nice brown Ė not green.

Itís my live oaks that have kept mine green. That

nice green grass is nestled in under my six trees Ė so frost has no

way to get to it.

Merry Christmas.

Waxahachie is the Crape Myrtle Capital of Texas,

and although the Crape Myrtle Council will no longer be selling

these beautiful trees, we hope the residents of Waxahachie will

plant more and more. They are available at excellent prices at your

local nurseries.