MINNEAPOLIS (AP) If you like watching movie trailers, how about video trailers for new plays?

The Minneapolis-based Playwrights' Center is hoping to interest theater companies in producing new plays by offering "coming attractions" similar to movie previews.

Polly Carl, the center's artistic director, came up with the idea two years ago.

Carl says many theaters don't want to take a chance on new plays. So the center is producing the two- to three-minute trailers as a way to bring the plays to life.

Three plays are featured in the first series "Forgetting" was shot in New York City, "Raskol" was shot in a small apartment and "The Secret Life of Coats" was produced at The Playwrights' Center and in a restaurant coat-check room.

The trailers can be seen on the center's Web site.

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The Playwrights' Center: http://www.pwcenter.org

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