Rita Cook

Book review

Do you know your frequency?  Did you even know you had a frequency?  Do you even know what that means?  In this book, “Frequency; The Power of Personal Vibration” by Penney Peirce readers are led on a journey to learn more about who they are from a very different standpoint than normally considered.

Peirce notes that in order to realize our potential as human beings we need the tools to understand how our natural frequency interacts with and helps creates the world around us.  This book sets out to help the reader discover just that. 

If you enjoyed the film “What the Bleep Do We Know?” then “Frequency” will speak to you weaving together the fundamental ideas about quantum physics with proven intuition development and techniques. 

This book is also an excellent tool to help readers learn how to not only feel their personal vibration, but also to improve it and learn to shift life from an ordinary perspective to an extraordinary one, really! 

Peirce says, luckily her sensitivity stayed alive and because of that she has been working as a professional intuitive since she was in her twenties.

Indeed, life is vibrating all around us and all we have to do is feel it, or sense it.  Your personal vibration is also the tool that communicates to the world who you are as well as shaping your reality.  Have you ever met a person and just not liked him?  That could be because you did not like his vibrational frequency or perhaps, because the two of your frequencies were just not compatible. 

In “Frequency” you will learn all about this as well as learning how a simple shift in frequency can change depression into a sunny day, anger into a sense of calm and fear into an unwavering enthusiasm.

The most important part of this book is giving the reader the ability to confirm and to learn new techniques to feel the subtle energy around us everyday via what is called “empathetic resonance.”

Not all readers will have the same frequency levels either, this is also discussed in the book as well as directions on how to find out exactly what your frequency resonates at on a normal basis.  It is true that following the right frequency can help you create a much better life overall with solutions to problems instantly materializing and spiritual growth taking front and center in your life. 

Rita Cook is a free-lance writer and a frequent contributor to The Waxahachie Daily Light.