SPC John Latham, of the Texas State Guard, 1st Battalion, 19th Regiment Alpha Company, was wearing two hats recently as he conducted a flag presentation to the Texas State Guard Civil Affairs Unit.

The flag was presented on behalf of the Waxahachie Woodmen of the World, Lodge 46, of which Latham serves as vice president, as well as belonging to the 1st Battalion 19th Regiment.

Latham explained that Texas has the Texas National Guard, Texas Air Guard and Texas State Guard.

“The governor of Texas is commander in chief of all the Texas military forces,” Latham said. “The Texas National Guard has assumed a more active role in the war on terror since the (Texas military forces) have been stretched pretty thin, making multiple deployments.”

The flag was received by 1Lt. Vaughn McCauley of the 1st Battalion, 19th Regiment, during its Aug. 12-13 drills at the home station at Red Bird Armory in South Dallas.

Latham noted that the Woodmen of the World organization is second only to the United States military in flag presentations.

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