Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will bring the Texas Monthly Rolling Roadshow to Waxahachie on June 19 to provide free entertainment and celebrate the beginning of summer.

“The Alamo Draft House Cinemas partners with the Rolling Roadshow every summer. Normally they have traveled internationally and have picked top films to screen,” Waxahachie Convention and Visitors Bureau director Jacquelyn Helton said.

“They choose a location where the film was shot and have live outdoor screenings of those movies and invite some of the actors and people involved in those out.

This year they have partnered with Texas Monthly and they choose the top 10 movies that were filmed and ‘Tender Mercies’ was one of those films,” she said.

Promoters initially considered the location in Palmer where an old hotel was used in the film to do the screening. That’s not in existence anymore, with Helton suggesting the courthouse square, which was agreed to by the Rolling Roadshow.

Along with the screening of the film, there will be live music beforehand starting around 6 p.m. The film is scheduled to start at 8:30 p.m.

The street from Franklin from Rogers to College and Rogers from Main to Franklin will be closed for the event to accommodate the screen and space for the audience.

After the film there will be a question and answer session with people who were involved in acting or producing the film. Actor Robert Duvall who played the leading role of Mac Sledge in the film has been invited. There is no cost to attend the event.

For more information, go to to see a full list of films that will be screened across the state.

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