What started as a single 1986 Dodge pickup with a mini-farm planted in the truck bed has turned into a fleet of 25 trucks in 25 cities across the United States.

Check out what The Huffington Post called “the coolest urban agriculture project around” when the DFW Truck Farm visits the Waxahachie Downtown Farmer’s Market opening day May 21.

Truck Farm is a national urban agriculture project helmed by Ian Cheney, the Peabody Award-winning co-creator of the 2007 film “King Corn.” Truck Farm was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 2009, when Ian planted a vegetable garden in the bed of his grandfather’s pickup truck. With long-time collaborator Curt Ellis, Cheney exhibited Truck Farm at 40 schools in order to promote equitable access to healthy food and encourage kids to grow their own vegetables.

The capstone of the project, the Truck Farm documentary, premiered at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in January. In coordination with the release of the film, the fleet was scaled to 25 Truck Farms in a select 25 American cities. DFW’s Truck is managed by Garden Inspirations (Marilyn Simmons and daughter Donelle Simmons of Waxahachie) with support from www.gleantexas.org founder, Susie Marshall.

Each of the 25 Truck Farmers are using their traveling, tactile, edible classrooms to organize workshops for kids that will show them how fun, creative, easy and rewarding it can be to grow your own food. Ultimately the goal is to engage youth with gardening and inspire them to make healthy choices.

These workshops will also inspire kids to participate in Truck Farm’s second-annual Garden Contest, a challenge to see which student group can grow food in the most creative place. This year, the judges of the Garden Contest will be celebrities from the sustainable food movement. www.gardeninspirations-tx.com

For additional information, contact Donelle Simmons at 214-842-2100.