The staff members of Happy Endings Dog Rescue in Hewitt, Texas, are heroes to dogs in need. The no-kill shelter is a place where frightened and hungry dogs feel safe, warm and loved, as they should.

The dogs rescued are bathed, fed and given medical attention. Some are adopted quickly; others stay for a while, undergoing training and perhaps receiving additional medical care. Happy Endings Dog Rescue is a best friend to these dogs.

Happy Endings has partnered with Camp Diggy Bones, a boarding facility in Lavon, Texas. Camp Diggy Bones also provides a safe haven for dogs that come from less than perfect circumstances. The Happy Endings dogs that are brought to Camp Diggy Bones receive the same level of care.

As part of a new training program, nine rescue dogs were sent to the Paws of Hope Training Program at the MTC Sanders Estes Unit Correctional Center in Venus, Texas. The three-month program is a win-win for both the offenders and the dogs. Working and living close together, they both use the program as a rehabilitation tool to re- enter society: the offenders back to living outside of a correctional facility and the dogs to a loving environment through an adoption process upon their graduation.

This first group of Happy Endings and Camp Diggy Bones dogs will graduate Aug. 19, when they become available for adoption. The dogs have been spayed/neutered, have their shots, are potty trained, kennel trained and have learned some cool tricks. Most of all, they are looking for you and a loving home.

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