Besides having the only Ellis County professional wrestling school, Killer Tim Brooks is bringing regular shows to residents, the first one set for March 7.

“I want to provide fans of wrestling in Ellis County a place to go to enjoy this sport and not have to travel far away to see good professional wrestling,” said Brooks during an interview at his rural Waxahachie home, where his school and wrestling venue are located.

Planning his first show, Brooks has scheduled four main matches with top name professional wrestlers taking to the mat. Wrestling favorites including Bull Man Downs, Kit Carson, Craig Jericho and the Doberman will face off in Brooks’ ring.  

The semi-main event will see The Black Caesar do battle with Brooks’ professional wrestling son, Killer Brooks No. 2. The main event will be a tag team title match between Righteous Knights, Live Wire and Pen Dragon taking on the Oklahoma-Mexico Connection, the Doberman and Pablo Chuco.

“We have added extra room for 150 seats plus we will have a snack bar,” Brook said, adding, “I’m from the old school. There will be no smoking, no alcohol and there will be no profanity. I want this to be a family affair with the whole family feeling welcome.”

Brooks said he hopes the wrestling shows will be supported by the community as well as area fans.

“Right now, we are planning to have a show the first Saturday of every month,” he said.

Even before dreaming of a coliseum where fans can watch professional matches, Brooks has been holding a training school for young wrestlers to get their start.

“I reach old school wrestling. I teach them how to protect themselves from injuries,” said Brooks, who has strict rules for the younger students. “They must pass all their classes and not get in trouble at home. Schooling is very important. An education comes first. If they are failing, they need to be home studying, not here.”

He also has strict rules on discipline.

“Respect comes from home. These kids must have respect for their parents and others to be a part of this program,” he said.

Brooks has two 15-year-olds under his tutelage.

“Both are straight A students, play football for their schools and sing in the school choir,” Brooks said, describing the two has having great potential. “They have their youth in their favor.”

There are about 10 professional hopefuls coming to Brooks’ arena to train with him and other professional wrestlers. The training takes about a year, with all weight classes taught.

One of the teens, Chris Cross, will make history as the youngest wrestler to turn pro at age 15.

“He is not real big, so he will be in the cruiser weight class. But he does a lot of high maneuvers,” Brooks said.

In the 19 years of teaching the craft, Brooks has started the careers of a number of wrestlers, including Bull Man Downs, Craig Jericho, the Doberman, Pablo Chuco and Chris Germany.

Brooks himself began his professional career in 1969 and is still active in the ring on occasion.

“My last bout was in 2002 in Waxahachie,” Brooks said.

During his career he held many titles, including NWA International Title, NWA Tag Team Title, Texas Tag Team title and Texas Heavy Weight title.

“I am the only wrestler to have defeated every member of the famous Von Erichs, including Fritz,” Brooks said of his lengthy wrestling tenure.

Brooks wants the share his love of the support by training and helping young wrestlers get started and bring quality shows to Ellis County.

His school and arena are located at 472 Cox Road west of Interstate 35E and off of Farm-to-Market Road 1446. For more information, call 214-893-8696.