MIDLOTHIAN — With a new school year just beginning, Midlothian’s parents and children attended Buie’s Superkicks Karate’s Bully Free workshop on Aug. 19 to learn how to defend themselves against bullies.

The workshop taught children and parents how to defend themselves against bullies, the effects of bullying and some defensive moves.

“I feel like if I’ve got something to offer to help individuals, families, or the community,” said Wade Buie, owner of Buie’s Superkicks Karate. “I need to reach out to help. That’s why we did this workshop.”

Buie taught the children attending the workshop about respect, courtesy, self-control and self-defense, before leading parents and children in a few basic self-defense moves.

He included an anecdote from his life, when he bullied another child, and decided to never bully another person. Buie also reported that 96 percent of children are bullied, 46 percent of those children’s academic performance is negatively affected by bullying, and 2 percent of bullied individuals commit suicide.

“Bullying isn’t just a physical problem,” Buie said. “It’s mental too. It can hurt your heart and leave permanent emotional scars.”

Buie showed the workshop attendees how to stand up for themselves when confronted by a bully without fighting. He instructed the children to always tell an adult about bullying, to yell “No!” when confronted by a bully, and how to defend against a bully with and without physical contact. Buie stressed the point of not taking self-defense too far, so as to not become a bully.

“I always include ‘mat chats’ during which I teach life skill lessons, to help my students learn how to make the right choices in life,” Buie said.

Buie’s Superkicks Karate is a black belt school and offers classes in EastWest mixed martial arts and combat fitness, Tae Kwon Do, Yoga and Brazilian Jiujitsu. There are four instructors, who are black belts or one year or less from black belt status.

“I believe people go to a karate school because they’re missing something in their lives, more than wanting to learn karate,” Buie said. “As one mentor said, ‘Something’s broken.’ ”

Buie’s Superkicks Karate is located at 800 Silken Crossing in Midlothian. For more information, visit www.buiessuperkicks.com.

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