Bringing its unique style and sound to the Texas Theater stage, Statesboro Revue will perform in Waxahachie on March 4. The Austin-based band will begin its concert at 8 p.m.

“Aside from our bass player, we are all from Texas. We have all been in different bands and I have been playing music for 10 years or so. The sound of the band is kind of an old school kind of classic rock, southern and bluesy country type sound,” band member Stewart Mann said.

“A lot of my influences growing up were from an era when real music existed. It was when everything that was coming out had soul, meaning and depth to it,” he said. “I just felt like there was not much of that around any more.  I thought there was still a market for it because the biggest touring acts in this day and age are still the guys that were popular that came out in the 1960s or in the 1970s.”

After living in Los Angeles and when his previous band broke up, Mann decided to move back to Texas. Before he made the move, he started piecing together what type of sound his new group should have.

The type of music Statesboro Revue plays is something everyone will enjoy regardless of musical preference, he said, saying band members hope to bring a performance that will keep people talking long after the show is over.

“We vary our sound a little bit from the way our record sounds and we put on a show … the crowd will have a good time,” Mann said, saying the music ranges from rock and roll to an acoustic set for a country song.

“It’s really all over the board and we cover a broad spectrum of genre – everyone from die hard rock and roll fans to country fans will come out and listen to us. It is really cool for to see a guy in a cowboy hat next to a guy in baggy jeans – and they are both jamming to what we are playing on stage,” he said.

This is the band’s first time to play at the Texas Theater and Mann looks forward to the close setting the theater provides for musicians to connect with their audience. 

The band’s latest album, “Different Kinds of Light, was released in 2009 and can be purchased through the iTunes music store. The Texas Theater is located in downtown Waxahachie at 110 W. Main St. Tickets for Friday’s concert are $10.

For more information, call the theater at 972-937-1993 or visit online at

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