It seems almost like a visit to the set of “American Graffiti” when local residents patronize the Waxahachie Sonic Drive In.

In keeping with a new national promotion by the corporation that calls itself “America’s Drive In,” many customers will have their cheese tots and Route 44 cherry lime-aid drinks delivered to their car on skates.

Red Oak resident Charity Jenkins is one of the carhops helping to re-introduce the throwback

from the 1950s by displaying her skating skills while serving customers.

“I’ve been working off-and-on for Sonic since I was in high school,” Jenkins said. “And since we’ve just started doing this on skates, the response has been great – I always receive comments from people saying, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s on skates’ and some have asked me how many times I’ve fallen.”

Noting that carhops on skates are a special novelty to smaller children, Jenkins said she’s excited about a couple of other benefits to the practice.

“It really makes the time pass faster and people seem to be entertained by the carhops on skates,” Jenkins said. “And also tips are better too – the skates have caused me to get a dollar or two dollars extra for a tip.”

Jenkins is no novice when it comes to skating: She can effortlessly spin a full 360 degrees and do the moonwalk.

Out of the 36 years Joe Smith has been employed by Sonic, 33 of those have been as manager of the local branch located on Ferris Avenue near Sycamore Street.

“This isn’t just a local thing – the corporation has promoted the idea of each drive-in having at least one skating carhop for each shift,” he said. “Right now, we can’t do that because we really only have two employees that skate – Charity and Haley Crossan.”

Smith is optimistic about the new initiative by his company.

“It really draws public curiosity – people come in just to see what’s going on,” he said.

Waxahachie Sonic Drive Inn was established in 1969.

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