RED OAK — Red Oak High School has been recognized with numerous awards from the 2011 TASA/TASB School Architectural Competition, an annual event open to all school architecture in Texas.

“Red Oak ISD is honored to be the recipient of this prestigious recognition,” a spokesman said. “With the support of the Red Oak Community, the 2007 ROISD Bond passed and provided Red Oak students with a state-of-the-art high school.”

Architects have an opportunity to submit school designs, which are judged in six criteria categories: design, educational appropriateness, process of planning, value, sustainability and innovation. ROHS received awards in five of the categories, which are listed below along with judges’ comments.

• Design: The building has a monumental presence and a timeless style. The auditorium, competition gym, library/lecture hall and cafeteria can be used by the community.

The curved classroom wing with the splayed courtyard design allows portions of the building to be locked down for after-hours use. Simple layout of classroom block lets natural light into learning areas, makes way-finding easy and allows for future expansion. The brick and burnished block exterior evokes the grandeur of old building. The metal-clad dome, lit with school colors, serves as a beacon of learning.

 •Educational appropriateness: Quiet learning spaces are separated from “loud” fine arts, athletics area and the cafeteria. 

The competition gym is located in close proximity to locker rooms and the practice gym for use during school hours.

Adjacency of the auditorium to the fine arts areas allows students to use the space for practice. The central courtyard and landscaping highlight the competition gym and auditorium entries. The bright and vibrant interiors instill school pride and a love for learning.

• Process of planning: The community and the school district aspired to build a state of the art high school with the latest technology available for teaching and learning in a style that is rooted in tradition. Meetings with the community, school administration and design team helped to shape the style of the building from the start of the project. The new high school is a resultant product of aspirations of a community and the vision of the school district.

• Value: Natural light helps to reduce lighting cost in the building.

Brick and burnished block used in the exterior of the building require minimal maintenance. Geothermal mechanical system is more efficient than other HVAC systems and has low life cycle costs.

The simple classroom block layout gives the users the flexibility to move departments/grade levels due to centrally located building amenities.

The outdoor play fields are located in close proximity to the locker rooms and gyms. Parking is located adjacent to the play fields and the auditorium/gym courtyard.

• Sustainability: Geothermal system is a very efficient HVAC system to heat and cool the building with minimal life cycle cost.

Locally available materials such as brick and burnished block are used on the building exterior. Windows bring natural light and help to reduce lighting cost.

Durable, easy to maintain materials are used in the building exterior and interior. Energy-efficient lighting and motion sensors reduce power consumed in the building.