Recently, at the suggestion of Hope Clinic’s new nurse practitioner, Kathy Cook Porter, the staff of the clinic began to search for a way to provide gowns for OB/GYN patients. Denice Lipscomb, owner of Common Threads Quilting located in downtown Waxahachie, provided 140 yards of material and local volunteers, including a group from First United Methodist Church, went to work making the one-size-fits-all gowns to be used by Hope Clinic. “It takes about 3 ˝ yards of material to make one gown, which enabled them to make 40 gowns,” said Hope Clinic executive director and CEO Dr. Mackie Owens. “We are so thankful to all of these ladies for this generous donation.” Shown in no particular order are Kathy Cook Porter, Candy Loveland, Phyllis Schumacher, Susan Pierce, Grace Farnsworth, Judy Earls, Laura Nichols, Owens and Lipscomb. Three other volunteers who helped that are not shown are Marilyn Weber, Sharon Melick and Peggy Hobbs.