If everybody in Midlothian donates a dollar, the project is done.

Midlothian Community Problem Solvers have gotten clearance from the city to make parks around the community handicapped accessible and they are going to the community to raise the money to make it happen.

The project is called “Donate A Dollar To Make A Difference” and will see Problem Solvers approaching students at all Midlothian schools starting Jan. 26, asking for $1.

“We are seeking to raise $7,228 dollars and if we can get every student in our school district to donate $1 we can do this,” said Kyle Flaherty, a Frank Seale Middle School Problem Solver. “We’ve already got the design, the plans and prices. Now we have got to get the money.”

Flaherty said students will carry home flyers next week explaining the fundraiser, who gets the money, what it will build and how it will be spent.

“We’ve already gotten some money,” said Flaherty. “The city is also going to match what we raise up to $5,000.”

Midlothian Community Problem Solvers approached the Midlothian City Council last week with details of the fundraiser. This is the second time Problem Solvers have been before the council hammering out details of the project.

The Midlothian City Council approved work on city property in November. The most recent appearance was to get City Hall to ante up their part since the project will improve city parks.

And the kids have done their homework.

“We did a study that showed us there are about 800 disabled kids in this community,” said Cole Wince, a Frank Seale Middle School Problem Solver. “There is no playground equipment in Midlothian for these kids – none.”

Tucker Sears a Walnut Grove Middle School Problem Solver said they have also gotten a grant from State Farm Insurance for $1,000.

“We also raised $1,546 with our dance, we raised $215 at Fall Festival, $206 with our salsa sale, $180 with our Santa Letter writing fundraiser and $250 working at the Lions Club Pancake Breakfast,” said Sears. “We’ve been busy and now we want to give other people the chance to do their part.”

And Problem Solver has also added something to make the fundraiser interesting.

“The school that raises the most money by percentage of students will get a group picture published in the Midlothian Mirror,” said Sears. “It’s not really a competition, but it is a reward for their effort.”

And Flaherty said Problem Solvers will also take donations from business, industry, churches or civic groups.

“We don’t care where the money comes from,” Flaherty said. “We just want to get this playground built.”

Anyone wanting more information about “Donate A Dollar To Make A Difference” can call Frank Seale Middle School at 972-775-6145 or Walnut Grove Middle School at 972-775-1486 and ask for Midlothian Middle School Problem Solvers.