ENNIS — Preserving history and honoring the past are the goals of the Veterans Memorial Committee of Ennis, which needs the public’s help to make those a reality.

“The memorial is going to have a walkway (leading) into a main circle. There will be a star in the middle of that circle that will be raised in the center. The points of the star will be sloped down and at each point there will be a service emblem for the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard,” committee member Larry Fincher said.

“In the middle of that star there will be a black granite obelisk standing up. Right now we have only one name that we will put on it and that is Jack Lummus, who was a Medal of Honor winner from Ennis in World War Two,” he said.

Fincher hopes to have phase one of the project completed by May 2012. The planned location of the memorial is at Ennis Veterans Memorial Park, located at 2301 Ennis Parkway in Ennis. The other phases will be different memorial areas placed around the main circle.

Inside each of these areas will be a large black granite rock that is polished on both sides. On front of the rock the name of conflict will be inscribed and the back will feature a quote.

These memorial areas are for World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Desert Storm and the War on Terror. There also will be an area to honor prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action that will be completed in phase one.

“We need to let the public know about this because about 80 percent of this project is going to be funded through the (purchases) of the brick pavers. Veterans don’t have to be from Ennis or Waxahachie to be on a brick,” he said. “If you served, regardless if you served in a conflict, you served. You went where they sent you and you did your job. It took us all.”

The cost is $125 for the first paver and $100 for each additional paver when ordering multiple pavers in one order. The pavers are eight inches by eight inches and are hard shell clay-fired bricks. The brick pavers will make up the walkway of the memorial. Order forms can be picked up at Ennis State Bank located at 815 W. Ennis Ave. and mailed to the Ennis Veterans Memorial Committee at P.O. Box 8228, Ennis, TX 75120.

On May 28-29, the committee will have a booth set up at the National Polka Festival where it will sell tickets for a drawing for a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze. Raffle tickets are $100 and the drawing will be held Nov. 11. The maximum number of tickets sold is 1,000. If less than 300 tickets are sold, the winner will receive $2,500. At the booth, brick pavers will be sold along with T-shirts and granite benches. Donations will also be accepted.

Drawing tickets also can be purchased at Allen Samuels Autoplex, located at 305.S Interstate 45 in Ennis.

For more information about the memorial project, call Fincher at 972-875-5673.

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