At the last Waxahachie Parks Board meeting, resident Charles Bowden was honored by for his efforts in keeping Waxahachie beautiful.

Bowden has mowed and maintained a piece of city property for the past 45 years and was presented a plaque for his efforts.

“I got a call from the Bowden’s neighbor that Mr. Bowden for years has been taking care of a portion of city property at the corner of Highland and Water Street,” said John Smith, parks and recreation director.

“It is a nice little triangle median area right before you get to the railroad tracks and I would say that it is about a quarter acre in size,” he said.

Bowden, who has always lived in the area, said he just got tired of looking at the overgrown property and decided to take action to keep his neighborhood looking good.

“Well, I grew up there at 216 Highland and I was born at 225 Highland. So I have always lived there and across the street it was just grown up all the time I was there,” he said. “When my boy came along we had him a little pony. So I started to mow over there to keep things down so he could ride his pony.

“Jerry Kuhlmann (Bowd-en’s neighbor) has helped me a lot for the last two or three years. He does the same thing that I do, helps to keep it mowed and picks up any trash that is lying around,” Bowden said. “I didn’t know it belonged to the city; I just wanted to make it look better.

“It really surprised me that all of this has taken place. I never really expected anything and it took me by total surprise,” he said of the plaque and recognition. “I just don’t like to sit around.”

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