OVILLA – Roadwork has been an important topic of discussion in the city of Ovilla for the past few years and the city council and staff have been making sure there is movement on the streets.

With a balance of $211,762 yet to pay to Ellis County in 2012 for the constant road work needing to be done, city administrator Randy Whiteman said one recent road work project has been completed at Oak Creek, where the city laid new base.

“The county also completed the culvert replacements on Red Oak Creek,” Whiteman said, adding, “No real road work was completed outside of the culverts [though].”

Recently too, a city contractor completed the erosion repair under Shiloh bridge for a cost of $19,999.99, a repair that’s been in discussion and progress for some time.

Work scheduled and yet to be completed in 2011 includes, according to Whiteman, Willow Creek Road, scheduled to be finished this week with crews moving on to East University and Cardinal and Meadowlark in succession.

“The county has pulled the shoulders and is starting to bomag and grind up,” Whiteman said. “These are the only roads [to be worked on] slated for this fiscal year.”

In working with Ellis County on the roads, all but Oak Creek is being done by the county at the city’s expense. However, the council has also determined a simpler way to save the city money in some roadwork instances in the future. 

In discussion at the past several council meetings, the members have talked about the possibility to purchase at least a few pieces of equipment so the city can do its own roadwork repair.

“The mayor has asked that the city look into purchasing pot hole repair equipment,” Whiteman said.  “[The city could then perform] 100 percent of the pot hole patching Currently, the city contracts with Ellis County with no set limit other than the budgeted funds for road repair.”

As for costs Whiteman said the city has looked at a self-contained machine that would cost roughly $100,000 new and individual equipment such as a packer, concrete breaker and an air compressor.