Dr. Cubie Ward, dean of the Navarro College campus in Midlothian, was honored this month by the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce, which presented him the 2008-2009 Outstanding Leadership Alumni Award during its Leadership Program graduation ceremonies held May 18. Ward was selected from 142 alumni who could have received this annual award.

The Outstanding Alumni Award was created in 2007 to honor alumni of the Midlothian Chamber Leadership Program who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the community. The selection committee for this award looks at four criteria when choosing a recipient: must be a leader in his/her profession; must be a leader in the community; must encourage others to get involved; and must be a visionary in respect to the future of the Midlothian community. In addition, the committee takes into consideration that some leaders are very visible, but others work behind the scenes, quietly leading to contribute in great ways.

Comments made by the Leadership Program Committee: “Dr. Cubie Ward is someone who has quickly become a great contributor to the community, the chamber, and to the organization that brought him to Midlothian. He has been involved with the chamber since coming to Midlothian in 2006, and has been an active supporter of leadership and chamber programs, always encouraging his employees to participate in anything they can.”

Being involved with education for more than 20 years, Ward has traveled the world, mostly in Latin American regions, and has a love for the diversity of culture that he finds when traveling. He is married to Dr. Joyce Shotwell, a pulmonologist, and they attend the Church of the Incarnation in Dallas. Ward enjoys history and photography. He is the dean of the Midlothian Navarro College campus and serves on the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce board of directors.