Lydia Livingston

Fitness quest

EDITORíS NOTE: Lydia Livingston, a senior at Waxahachie Global High, will be writing an ongoing column as she pursues her goals of becoming more physically fit.

Well, this week has been interesting. I feel like there is always going to be some workout we find difficult.

For me, it is now jumping rope. As silly as that may sound, I hate it. I would rather run a mile, at 10 miles per hour, than jump rope.

I know it is something you learn to do at a young age and it is supposed to be fun, but I feel like a buffalo in a china shop doing it!

The jump rope gets all jumbled up, I hit myself in the head with it and my personal trainer Daniel Ortiz tells me I still have 100 more to do. Itís not pretty.

There were actually some people at the Lordís Gym, where Daniel is based, who were watching my face as I saw him grab the jump rope during our last workout. They started cracking up when they saw my obvious look of dread.

But this just goes to further validate what I said last week.

We will all have instances where we are uncomfortable and feel like we really canít do it.

Donít give up. When you work through the tough spots it is one of the best feelings you can get.

I canít wait for the day when Daniel tells me to do 500 jump ropes and Iím able to go into beast mode.

It will be great and Danielís jaw will drop. OK, maybe not that far, but I am going to master the rope.

Daniel Ortiz is a personal trainer based out of the Lordís Gym in Waxahachie. He also trains with Larry North. He can be reached via his website at

Lydia Livingston is a senior at Waxahachie Global High School and a newsroom intern with the Daily Light. She is also a member of the Kernowstorm 94 Girls soccer team.