MIDLOTHIAN — Talented Midlothian students took the stage Saturday, March 5, to showcase their singing and dancing abilities at the district-wide showcase “Midlothian’s Got Talent.” About 400 friends, family and community members attended to support the 28 acts that registered for the competition hosted by the Midlothian High School Booster Club.

Dr. Jerry Ellis served as master of ceremonies for the event and contest judges were Amy Douglas, Cathy Isaacks and Clark Hackney.

In the elementary dance category, Nicole Riddle, fifth grade at La Rue Miller Elementary placed first; McKenna Henderson, fifth grade at Mt. Peak Elementary, placed second; and Andrea Nutting, fifth grade at T. E. Baxter Elementary, placed third.

The winners in the elementary singing category were: first place, Daniela Ramos, second grade, Mt. Peak Elementary; second place McKenna Cooper, third grade, J. A. Vitovsky Elementary; and third place, Ashleigh McGee, third grade, T. E. Baxter Elementary.

Middle schools singers Kala Garcia, seventh grade at Walnut Grove Middle School won first place; Makenzie Mitchell, sixth grade at Walnut Grove Middle School, won second place; and Juliane Pillow, sixth grade at Frank Seale Middle School, won third place.

In the high school singing category first place was awarded to Bailee Barnes and Lydia Traylor, ninth grade; second place winner was Alyssa Freeman, 10th grade; and third place winner, Courtney Harrison, 10th grade.

The high school dance team winner was 2HC with Jermillia Sneed, Kalynn Sneed, Daijza Ellis Williams, Judy Smith, Kiara Blakes, Treavor Belcher, Tim Phimm, Cervando Govea, Nathan Saavedra, Austin Gonzalez, Jonathan Le, Christian Martinez.

Singer, Lexie Petty, eighth grade at Frank Seale Middle School, was named Best Overall Winner by the judges.

“All the students were amazing. Lexie was in tough competition and the program was very well done,” said Dena Petty, Lexie’s mother. “There was also dancing from the elementary and high school. The high school had an awesome hip-hop group. The place was really hopping.”

She said all of the performers in the competition did a great job and seemed to really enjoy being on stage.

Lexie has been performing as a singer since she was 9 years old and, in addition to singing, is involved in theater and athletics, Petty said.

“Mr. Vehon did a great job putting this entire program together,” Petty said.

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