MIDLOTHIAN — Tim Hendrix of Midlothian will make his television game show debut on “Let’s Make A Deal” in an episode to air May 9.

The game show, hosted by Monte Hall and popular from 1963-1977, is airing again with a new host, Wayne Brady.

Hendrix was in Southern California with college friends for the USC/UCLA football game.

“Wherever we go each year, we try to take in a sightseeing field trip in the area,” Hendrix said. “Somebody suggested getting on a game show.”

The threesome dressed as chefs and Hendrix was the only one of the group selected as a contestant on the show, which taped the first week of December.

Hendrix was required to sign a confidentiality agreement, which does not allow him to discuss any prizes he may have won on the show prior to the air date. The show will run at 2 p.m. on Channel 11.

“The whole experience was interesting to see how many people were tourists and especially how many were local,” he said. “The impression I got was they had done this time and time again.”

He said although the actual taping only took about two hours, the experience took up most of the day. Prospective contestants were required to fill out paperwork, answer a questionnaire about themselves, write why they wanted to be on the show and go through a short interview.

“They put you on camera to see how you would look on television,” he said. “They bring you into the studio and tell everyone they know who will be selected as contestants.”

He said the process is carefully orchestrated as far as who will sit where in the studio audience and how it will appear on television.

“After the taping is over, all the participants fill out more paperwork and learn about the prizes and legalities involved and the taxes,” he said, saying that although the show taped in December, the winners have not received their prizes. “They are not obligated to give any prizes until the show airs – so if it doesn’t they are not obligated to award prizes. Once the show airs they have 90 days to give the prizes.”

He said there were told it was always possible that the show wouldn’t air, but it hasn’t happened since the show came back on the air.

“It was interesting and fun, but I don’t know if I would do it again,” he said, saying he guesses he can cross “game show” off his bucket list. “By and large it was fun. But it was a lot of hurry up and wait. We got a lot of laughs out of the people watching part of it. There were some interesting people.”

Hendrix has lived in Midlothian for about four years. His wife Angela teaches at T.E. Baxter Elementary School. They have two daughters – Hannah is a freshman at Midlothian High School and Abigail is a sixth-grader at Walnut Grove Middle School.

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