Meals-on-Wheels of Johnson & Ellis Counties is expanding services by adding a third route in Joshua, in order to better serve the increasing numbers of needy homebound persons.

“Because of the growing number of persons we are serving, an additional route was added on Tuesday,” explains Tracy Robinson, client services director.     

Recently, the Joshua routes had grown to having too many people on each route.  “Route two, in particular, was a very long route, and it was taking longer to deliver than we prefer,” said Robinson.  “The addition of the third route will help both volunteers and clients, alike, making meal delivery quicker,” she added. 

Meals-on-Wheels relies heavily on volunteers to help deliver the noontime meals.  “Without the help of all our wonderful volunteers, what we do would not be possible. Thank you to all the new volunteers that have stepped forward to help make the additional route possible, and thank you to our ‘seasoned’ volunteers that stayed with us while we got the new route in place,” said Whitney Patterson, volunteer coordinator. “We also thank all the community and volunteers that helped recruit new people to deliver,” she added. 

Currently, noontime meal delivery to Joshua residents is being served Monday through Friday.  Prepared meals are picked up daily and served between eleven A.M. and the noon hour, with delivery times taking no longer than forty-five minutes.  Volunteers are provided with detailed directions and instructions, and help when they can, whether it is weekly, a couple of times a month, or simply on an as needed basis. 

“In order to meet the needs in all our Johnson County areas, we still need help from the communities we serve, particularly during the summer months,” Patterson added.   Summer tends to be a busy time of the year for many with school being out and people being gone on vacation.  “We want to be sure that the homebound are being checked on daily, especially during the heat of the summer months.  Volunteers make this possible,” she concluded.

If you are interested in volunteering, or if you now of someone who could benefit from Meals-on-Wheels, call 817-558-2840 or visit the Web site at  Meals-on-Wheels is a community-based nonprofit organization serving the residents of Johnson County since 1977.