The Ellis County Master Gardeners Expo will be held from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 26, at the Waxahachie Civic Center, 2000 Civic Center Lane, Waxahachie.

Some of the perennials that are growing in the greenhouse and will be featured at this year’s Expo Plant Sale are as follows:

• Aster Purple Dome (novae-angliae) – Purple perennial that blooms summer through fall and grows 18-24” in height. Attracts butterflies. (Zones 3-8)

• Buddleia Royal Red (davidii) – Large deciduous shrub with long fragrant flower trusses from spring until first frost. Thrives in full sun or part shade in moist soils. Attracts butterflies; grows 60” high. (Zones 5-9)

• Calylophus, Texas Primrose (drummondianuas) – A bushy to erect shrub that is approximately 4-6” tall. The leaves are linear and up to 3” long. The flower is yellow and blooms from April to July. Texas native. (Zones 8-9)

• Callirhoe Wine Cup (involucrata) – A hardy, drought tolerant, sprawling perennial. The flowers close each evening and remain permanently shut after pollination; grows 6-12” high. Texas native. (Zones 5-9)

• Damianita (chrysatina. mexicana) – A yellow perennial blooms in the summer. It grows to 18”. This plant is evergreen and drought tolerant. (Zones 7-9)

• Gaillardia Arizona Red (artistata) – A new variety that blooms in the summer, is crimson red and grows to 9”. Attracts butterflies. (Zones 4-9)

• Poliomintha Mexican Oregano (longiflora) – Blooms June-July with lavender flowers and aromatic foliage. It is drought tolerant and grows 24-36” high. This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds. (Zone 9)

• Malvaviscus – Turk’s Cap Big Mama – A red and red-or-ange plant that is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds; grows 4-6’ high, space 4-6’ apart. Blooms May to October. (Zones 8-9)

• Melampodium, Blackfoot Daisy (leucanthum) - Evergreen white perennial that attracts butterflies during a long flowering season; grows 1’ high by 2’ wide. Attracts butterflies. (Zones 6-9)

• Salvia, Cedar Sage (roemeriana) - Blooms April to October. A deep red perennial that is visited often by hummingbirds and butterflies. It forms a nice clump that grows to 12” high and will send up many flower spikes. Texas Native.  (Zones 7-9)

• Salvia Leucantha Bicolor - A purple perennial that blooms March-November. It will grow to 24” high, attracts butterflies and can be used as a dried flower. Attracts butterflies. (Zones 7-9)

• Verbena Homestead Purple - Blooms prolifically from April to frost, has bright purple blooms. It grows 8-12” tall and is extremely hardy. Attracts butterflies. (Zones 8-9)

• Rudbeckia Goldstrum (fulgida): This Rudbeckia is gold. The 3-4” flowers are long lasting as cut flowers. They grow 18-24” high, spreading about a foot. 1999 Perennial of the Year. Attracts butterflies. (Zones 3-9)

• Also available at the Lawn and Garden Expo will be many roses, vegetable plants, hanging baskets and seeds that have been collected by Master Gardeners.

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Admission at the door is $5 (children 12 and younger admitted free).