A Magical Night in Old Marrakesh brought generous hearts together Saturday at the home of Harriett Adams.

All for a good cause – the Lights of Ennis - the auctioned dinner and  unexpected play were held at the historic Raphael House, where not only owner Harriett Adams hosted, but four other couples hosted the evening as well: Holly and Dave Anderson, Andrea and Raymond Caldwell, Kaye and Don Young, Angie and  Dennis Juenemann. 

The hosts and hostesses spared no effort in dressing in Middle Eastern attire. Lea Marlin greeted the guests with her Egyptian music and dancing while they enjoyed authentic Middle Eastern hor d'ouevres just before the surprise play began that took all 12 stunned guests to the 3rd floor attic to discover clandestine going-ons.

Back down to the first floor with the perpetrators captured, a surprise visit by President Elect Obama (Dr. Kevin Williams) and his secret service agent (Dr. John Sullivan) capped off the evening with confessions and revelation of “The Great Secret.” 

A Middle Eastern feast was served immediately following with the 12 guests seated on many pillows on the floor with whole roasted chickens presented to each along with an array of succulent dishes that challenged even the heartiest appetite.

Three couples bought it at The Chamber of Commerce Auction in July: Suzi and Bob Agar, Angie and Kevin Six, Brenda and Jess Haupt. 

Then on Nov. 1, others bought the second half of the feast at The Lights of Ennis Auction: Mayor Russell Thomas and wife, Nancy; Katherine and Gus Jones and Harriet Jeffers.