There’s more to driving a truck than stepping on the accelerator and shifting gears.

Longbranch Elementary School students to got sit in the cab of more than a dozen big trucks and heavy equipment and then hear the operators of those big rigs tell their story.

“These kids see these truck on the highway or driving past their house every day, but never get a chance to see them up close or talk to the people who drive them,” said Kristen Stephens, Counselor at Longbranch Elementary. “Each of those drivers gave about a five minute talk to our kids about their job.”

A fire truck, dump truck, ambulance, U.S. Mail truck, recycling truck, city boom and bucket truck, backhoe, pickup-truck with horse trailer, tow truck and hazardous material response truck were just a few of the vehicles at Longbranch Thursday morning.

“This is actually part of a week-long series of where we have had people from different professions come out and talk to our kids,” said Stephens. “This series has involved all our kids from kindergarten to fifth grade.”

Stephens said the younger kids talked about the different professions and the tools they use. Older students spent longer with each professional and got to ask them questions about what kind of education they needed for their line of work and what they liked best about their job.

“Earlier in the week we had doctors, lawyers, Realtors, board members and stock brokers come in and talk with our kids,” said Stephens. “We even had kids from Midlothian High School who are involved in Ready-Set-Teach come in and tell them what it takes to be a teacher.”

Stephens said Thursday saw more than a dozen vehicles lined up in the driveway at Longbranch.

“The weather has been perfect and this has really been the most exciting day for these kids,” said Stephens. “These vehicles are so real and impressive. These kids had lots of questions and the people who manned each one of these trucks had all the answers.”

Stephens said more than 350 kids were run through the trucks. She said students then went back inside and discussed what they learned.

“I want to thank everyone who came out to talk about their profession and especially those who brought a vehicle out today,” said Stephens. “These vehicles made a big impression on these kids.”