In her Lighthouse for Learning sessions, held at Waxahachie High School, long-time Waxahachie city leader Beverly Worthington is teaching her students how to “be a good tourist – helpful hints for traveling.”

Included in her material is how to choose a destination, make travel plans and she gives information concerning the currency of another country and what’s good about using a credit card.

“At times, it (the credit card) is the best way to pay,” Worthington said, saying travelers need to know how to deal with luggage at an airport and how to self-check in as most airlines require today, what to do about lost luggage and what to use when luggage must be locked.

She covers information on how to travel while carrying medications and how to get through airport security with them. She even spends a session or two discussing packing tips and the best way to get some sleep while on a plane.

Worthington urges her students to always renew passports six months before they expire and she will divulge many tricks and skills used by groups of gypsies.

Worthing has traveled extensively for many years and can divulge many tricks and skills from her experiences.

“Travel is in my blood – I have been so enriched by seeing what I have of the world,” she said. “And I feel I have seen only a small portion. There are many more places and countries to see and I plan to travel as long as I can.”

Not only has Worthington enjoyed travel, she has assisted others in enjoying the activity as well.

“I was a group leader for travel for 20 years and I loved every moment of it,” she said. “I’ve seen countries, had experiences and I met wonderful people I would have never known if they hadn’t traveled with me – and they’re still friends today.”

She said one person took 56 trips with her from 1988 through 2005 and a great friendship ensued.

“If you really want to get to know someone, all you have to do is travel with them,” she said.

Even with post-9/11 security risks, Worthington still believes travel can be enjoyable.

“Travel has changed so much since 9/11 as anyone who travels will tell you,” Worthington said. “But if you want to see some other country and experience their culture, it is so worth it, and if you know how to prepare it makes it so much easier.”

Worthington’s sessions include information on “what it takes to be a good tourist.” And she will have “show and tell” at the end of the class.

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