ITALY – During the Italy Junior High awards assembly Friday morning, Brett Kirton was awarded the Oliphant Cup.

The eighth-grade recipient is selected every year by the junior high teachers. The criteria includes academics, attitude and citizenship. Kirton is the son of Lyall and Alysa Kirton of Italy.

Each teacher presented awards to students for the highest average, hardest worker and citizenship in each of their classes. Medals were also presented to students for perfect attendance and for being commended on the TAKS test in math, reading, writing, science and social studies. About 50 percent of the eighth-grade students were commended in reading.

Meagan Hooker led the seventh grade with the highest average in math, English, science and social studies. Hooker also received recognition for A’s all year; NJHS prospective member; highest average and hardest worker – art; highest average – technology applications; and hardest worker – woodwind band.

In the eighth grade, the highest averages were Reid Jacinto – English and science, Brett Kirton – math and Cole Hopkins – social studies.

Jacinto also received recognition for A’s and B’s all year; NJHS member; commended on reading and math TAKS; and highest average – speech.

In addition to the Oliphant Cup, Kirton was awarded A’s all year; NJHS member; commended on reading, science and math TAKS; and citizenship – band.

Eighth-grader Cheyenne Frank was recognized for A’s and B’s all year; NJHS member; commended on reading and science TAKS; and hardest worker in math, science and English.

“The seventh- and eighth-grade students and teachers are to be commended for their superior achievements this year,” a spokesman said.