Waxahachie ISD junior high choir students washed cars and sold baked goods in the high school parking lot Saturday to raise funds for their organization on Saturday, Sept. 10.

“This was partly a community service project, because we want our kids to give back to our community that supports fine arts so much,” said choir director Jeremiah Ieppert. “It’s also a fun way to do a fundraise that’s over in one day.”

The funds collected will pay for choir students to go on a trip to Six Flags and Sandy Lakes in the spring. Sixth- through eighth-grade choir students from Howard and Finley junior high schools joined together for the fundraiser.

“The community really enjoyed (the car wash),” said choir directors Kathryn Stallings and Ieppert. “We washed about 35-40 cars in an hour and a half. It was an easy way in hard economic times to raise money for a good spring trip.”

Waxahachie High School choir members held their annual carwash at the same time over at the Lowe’s parking lot.

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