Kelly Johnson is a busy woman. Whether working as a volunteer for a variety of causes within the community or engaging in her hobby of collecting, she prefers getting out and meeting people. One of her collecting passions is Avon bottles, and selected pieces of her collection are on display at Nicholas P. Sims Library through mid-March.

“I tried selling Avon at one time – but I really wasn’t into that,” Johnson said. “But, I really like the old bottles.”

She said she finds the bottles at estates sales and garage sales – sometimes priced as low as a nickel each.

“I am very selective – I look at the labels. If there is no zip code then they are pre-1950s, at least 50 years old,” she said.

If the label reads California Perfume Company, which is what the company was called before becoming Avon, the bottles were made sometime around the turn of the century, she said.

Johnson has about 40 to 50 boxes with 10 to 30 pieces in each that she hasn’t put on shelves yet.

“I have fun looking (for the bottles),” Johnson said. “I have some in the original boxes – it’s just something I like doing.”

She said after noticing items in display cases at the library, she asked the librarian about displaying her collection and a few months later she received a call that they were interested in showcasing some of her pieces.

Johnson also collect Elvis memorabilia and may discuss displaying those items at the library in the future. She said she has always been a fan and even has an Elvis tattoo on her shoulder. She had it done by her son-in-law, Martin Acuna, who owns Purple Dragon Tattoo in Waxahachie.

“I got it when I was 55 – I think it was a mid-life crisis,” she said. “I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else to do it. He’s the sweetest, nicest guy. I love my tattoo.”

After living in Dallas for about 30 years, Johnson moved to Waxahachie when her daughter married and settled here.

“I am a happy-go-lucky person. I love living here (Waxahachie) and having my daughter so close by,” she said.

Years ago she made a list of 10 things she wanted to do in her lifetime including visiting Graceland, going to Africa, being on the Oprah Show and working as an extra in a movie, said Johnson, who has checked some of those items off the list. She went to Graceland, where she picked up items to add to her Elvis collection; went on a mission trip to Kenya, which she describes as “amazing;” and has worked as an extra in three movies filmed in the area.

“I couldn’t just stay up (in my room) and watch TV or read. I have to get out and meet people and be around people,” Johnson said.

Johnson volunteers with the Democratic Party, Senior Coalition Program and Kairos, which is a prison ministry. She is a member of Salvation Army Church.

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