At the Technology Student Association state competition, held at the Waco Convention Center on May 5-7, Global High earned the state championship award in the 2A high school category for overall high points. 

In addition, Jarrett Fullington, a sophomore at Global High, was elected Texas’s TSA new state treasurer. 

The students at Global also won first place in the following five events:

• Photographic Technology: Rylee Werchan submitted a notebook of photos that focused on the assigned theme, “Doors.” 

In addition to meeting criteria outlined by TSA, Rylee’s creativity and talent with photography and graphic design earned her first place in the state for the third year in a row.

• Engineering 3D Design:  With only four hours to work, Dakota Franklin used Auto Desk Inventor to create an animated 3D design and working drawings with dimensions for an assigned mechanical part.  His natural talent with engineering and 3D design has been compared to that of a professional. 

Dakota is a senior this year and will be pursuing an engineering degree at UTD in the fall.

• Prepared Presentation: With the assigned topic of “A Snapshot of Innovation,” Loren Page chose to present on the evolution of cyber-bullying. 

Her passion about this topic, combined with her powerful speaking skills, earned her first place in the state for the second year in a row.

• Extemporaneous Presentation: Loren Page spoke about genetic engineering and cloning in this competition. 

She had to be quick on her feet to prepare a speech in only 15 minutes after receiving her topic.  Loren is a senior this year and will be pursuing an engineering degree at Texas A&M in the fall.

• Digital Video Production: Cody Vesley, Jarrett Fullington, and Loren Page had to plan, film, and edit a video focused on the topic of “Drama.”

In addition to these first place achievements, Global High was successful in following events:

• Kevin Bradshaw and Carson Roye earned fourth place in Structural Engineering with their 14-inch balsa wood tower that held 200 pounds! 

Their tower was evaluated with an efficiency rating that not only depended on strength but also on the weight of the structure.

• Alanna Kelly, Alyssa Reisner, Rylee Werchan, and Blanca Villazana placed sixth in Fashion Design.  They redesigned and sewed a bridal gown and a mother-of-the-bride dress for the musical, “Mama Mia!” 

Blanca is a senior this year and will be pursuing a business degree at Texas State University in the fall.

• Finally, Cody Vesley, Rylee Werchan, and Jarrett Fullington placed sixth in On-Demand Video.

They planned, filmed, and edited a video onsite after receiving constraints and requirements at the contest.

Global High will be competing at the national level in all of the events discussed above at the TSA National Conference, held this summer at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center.

TSA Reflection from Waxahachie Global High senior, Loren Page:

“It’s all bittersweet to be a senior and realize that last week was my last Texas TSA State conference for competitions. TSA has been a huge part of not only my high school career and success, but it has been an even bigger part of my life.

“I guess you could honestly say, that I found a passion and expanded on a talent for presenting and speaking, from competing in Prepared Presentation, Extemporaneous Speech, and Debating Technological Issues. TSA has become a passion, as well as a chance for me to speak about the importance of STEM, nanotechnology, problem solving, and engineering.  In a lot of ways, I am who I am today due to the competitions I put my heart into, in hopes of reaching an audience about the importance education, technology, leadership, teamwork, and responsibility.

“Last Saturday, I placed first place in the state in Digital Video Production, Prepared Presentation, and Extemporaneous Speech. The feeling of staring at the posted results for your name and school to pop up sends the biggest adrenaline rush. This year, of course, was no different, and after seeing that our school placed first place (best in the state) in five of the 34 posted competitions, I tackled my friend Jarrett in excitement.

“This year, TSA state was a little bit different for me and my fellow seniors. Every competition and every senior had a story to recount, and we all managed to agree on one thing: TSA is where our hearts are in so many ways …  Blanca, also a senior from Global High, and I made one last walk around the TSA State conference building, both smiling and crying, saying goodbye to a chapter in our lives. Saying farewell to Texas TSA was something hard to do because we were saying goodbye to a home and a place that took us in and made us into better leaders, competitors, students, and people.”

April Moon?teaches engineering at Waxahachie Global High.

Waxahachie Global High is a public Early College High School campus with a limited, maximum class size of 100 students per grade. Enrollment is open each fall to incoming freshman applicants from Waxahachie ISD, homeschool and private school students as well as public school students from the Metroplex area. Throughout the year, the school welcomes applications and provides campus visits for interested students and parents both within and outside of the Waxahachie Independent School District. For more information on Waxahachie Global High, or to schedule a campus tour and receive an application, contact the school office at 972-923-4761. Global High is located at 600 W. Second St. in Waxahachie.

Upcoming Global events

Global High PTO

The next Waxahachie Global High School PTO meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 14, in the Commons Area at Waxahachie Global High.

Project Graduation


The Project Graduation committee has announced its schedule for upcoming meetings. All senior WHS and WGH parents, as well as anyone in the community interested in helping out with this year’s event are encouraged to attend.

Project Graduation meetings will be held at the Waxahachie High School Cafeteria at 7 p.m. May 23.

Waxahachie Global High Facebook Page

Visit Facebook and search for the Waxahachie Global High. There you can join in on discussions, post your fa  vorite Global High pictures and connect with other Global High students, staff and parents.

Global PTO Yahoo group

The WGH PTO invites any interested parent or family member to join the WGHPTO Yahoo groups.

This site will allow us to send e-mails to all that request information about what the PTO is doing. It will also serve as a historical information source. You will be able to read all “old” e-mails to know about past activities.

To join this group, you must e-mail:

Very soon only members of this Yahoo group will receive e-mail communications from the PTO. It is strongly suggested that all current parents join to keep informed.

Buy a car, help a school

Roger Sierra, sales consultant with Waxahachie Autoplex, has pledged to donate $100 to the Global High PTO from his commission on any vehicle he sells.

“That’s new or used from any of our stores (which include Buick, GMC, Ford, Mercury, Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep),” Sierra said.

“I’m a huge supporter of Global High and this is something I can to help everytime someone buys a vehicle from me,” he said.

For more information, contact Roger Sierra at 972-938-1991 or 972-351-1496.