The Technology Student Association (TSA) national conference was held at the Texan Gaylord Resort on June 21-25. Waxahachie Global High competed in eight national events, the most from Waxahachie to date.

Global High’s competitors were:

• Photographic Technology: Rylee Werchan

• Engineering 3D Design:  Dakota Franklin

• Prepared Presentation: Loren Page

• Extemporaneous Presentation: Loren Page

• Digital Video Production: Cody Vesley, Jarrett Fullington, and Loren Page

• Structural Engineering:  Kevin Bradshaw and Carson Roye

• Fashion Design: Alanna Kelly, Alyssa Reisner, Rylee Werchan, and Blanca Villazana

• On-Demand Video: Cody Vesley, Rylee Werchan, and Jarrett Fullington

In the end, Global High students took home the first place trophy for Extemporaneous Presentation (Loren Page), the third place trophy for Photographic Technology (Rylee Werchan), a top 10 finalist pin for Engineering 3D Design (Dakota Franklin), and made it to the final round in Prepared Presentation (Loren Page). 

Photographic Technology Event    

By Rylee Werchan

(Senior at Waxahachie Global High): 

Photographic Technology is one of the most popular events in TSA. 

It requires 15 photographs with captions and a written journal that must be completed by the contestant during the current school year.

The photographs are enhanced using graphic design.  Five pictures must be in color, five in black and white, and the final five are the photographer’s choice. 

This year, the required theme was “Doors.” 

Rather than taking 15 pictures of doors, I chose to do something creative. I focused on different lyrics from the ‘70s band, The Doors. For example, some of my captions were: “Shake Dreams from Your Hair,” “Stand in Your Door,” and “Won’t You Break Your Lock and Key.” 

I shot photographs to match my captions but also made sure there was always a door somewhere in the background.

When I was selected as a finalist, I received an onsite assignment and was given 48 hours to complete it. 

I had to follow around a participant at the conference and capture their personality using only 10 photographs. 

I chose to feature Loren Page, and my favorite picture from the set captured Loren twirling, which showed her artistic side.  

I presented my photographs, along with explanations behind each of them, to three judges. 

This interview also tested my knowledge of photography.

Engineering 3D Design Event

By Dakota Franklin

(2011 Graduate from Waxahachie Global High)

Engineering 3D Design is a challenging contest. The competitors have only four hours to create 3-dimensional representations for an assigned project, which is not revealed until the contest starts.  

This year’s assigned project was designing a 3D model of a lathe tool slide using only 2D drawings and some dimensions. 

After calculating the additional dimensions needed, I used AutoDesk Inventor to create my 3D representations.

Competitors in this event must be skilled with computer-aided design applications, the use of the engineering design processes and tools, drafting and dimensioning basics and animation. 

These skills play an important role in any engineering office, where design work must be quick and accurate. 

Competing in this event was a great emulation of the expectations placed on engineers.  

I look forward to turning my hobby of engineering into a career.

Extemporaneous Presentation and Prepared Presentation Events   

By Loren Page

(2011 Graduate from Waxahachie Global High)

In the Extemperaneous Presentation event, competitors draw three topics out of a box and then select one. 

Fifteen minutes are then provided to prepare a 3-5 minute speech.

Topics range from TSA leadership qualities, school topics, economics and dynamics of tariffs in foreign made products and a variety of engineering topics. 

The top competitors from each heat advance to the final round. 

The finalists (12 students total) then compete in another heat of speeches. 

After a whirlwind of a week at the Gaylord, coming home with the first place national trophy for Extemperaneous Speech was a big honor.

I gave two speeches on the advances of nanotechnology and genetic engineering, focusing on what these controversial topics mean to my generation.  

For example, genetic engineering offers possibilities, such as a cure for multiple sclerosis and medicine mutation, but also leaves us with many unknowns, such as how it will affect the natural occurrences in nature over time.

In the Prepared Presentation event, competitors prepare and give a presentation based on the national conference theme. 

The top four competitors from each heat (12 students total) then move on to the final round. 

I chose to take a nontraditional approach for this year’s theme, “Snapshot of Innovation,” and presented on how bullying has changed over the past 50 years through the use of technology. 

Cyberbullying is a real issue for my generation, and I feel that TSA is the perfect organization to take a stand against it. 

In one study, 400 people out of a sample of 2,000 reported that they considered suicide after ongoing cyberbullying incidents.

Competing against some of the best speakers in the nation and a few students from Germany was intimidating but gave me the biggest adrenaline rush. 

I represented Global High School and Ellis County in the best way possible, and I am glad that I went out with a bang at my last TSA national conference. 

Although I have graduated and will not be able to compete in TSA anymore, I hope to give back to the TSA organization in the future as a judge/volunteer.”

This year, Texas TSA was the host for TSA’s national conference. 

Over the past three years, the conference has been held in Orlando, Denver and Baltimore and, next year, it will be in Nashville. 

Curtis Green, WHS’s TSA advisor, was one of the main coordinators for the conference, which ran smoothly and received great reviews.

“It was awesome that Texas was the host for nationals this year!” said Jarrett Fullington, Global High junior and 2011-2012 TSA State Treasurer. “It allowed more Texans to attend, and the best part was being able to highlight our great state and share it with more than 3,500 students and advisors from across the nation.”

Upcoming Global events

Global High PTO

The next Waxahachie Global High School PTO meeting will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 6, in the commons of Global High. All parents are encouraged to attend.

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It will also serve as a historical information source.  You will be able to read all “old” e-mails to know about past activities.

To join this group, you must e-mail:

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It is strongly suggested that all current parents join to keep informed.

Buy a car, help a school

Roger Sierra, sales consultant with Waxahachie Autoplex, has pledged to donate $100 to the Global High PTO from his commission on any vehicle he sells.

“That’s new or used from any of our stores (which includes Buick, GMC, Ford, Mercury, Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep),” Sierra said.

“I’m a huge supporter of Global High and this is something I can do to help everytime someone buys a vehicle from me,” he said.

For more information, contact Roger Sierra at 972-938-1991 or 972-351-1496.

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