ITALY — Roofing and Restoration Services of America, based in Waxahachie with satellite command posts around the nation, is on a mission – to rebuild communities, one shingle at a time.

The commercial roofing company, owned by Waxahachie’s Marty Haight, has partnered with two other companies, Aspen Construction Company and Oak Crest Construction Company to form the 3C Network, an initiative to lend assistance in areas hit by catastrophic weather conditions.

The RRSA recently donated the roof for the new facilities of Mount Gilead Missionary Baptist Church of Italy.

Pat O’Neill of Kansas City, Mo., whose public relations firm has been hired by RRSA has worked with the Haight family in Waxahachie on community projects related to their roofing business. The Haights’ business, RRSA, along with one of my family member’s business here in Missouri, is a member of the 3C Network of national storm damage repair contractors.

“The Haights, through their affiliation with the 3C Network, donated the materials and workmanship needed to put a good new roof on the new and bigger church that Pastor Preston Dixon’s and volunteers are building over in Italy,” O’Neill said. “I might note here that, as quiet as they are, the Haights and their company RRSA are the largest (500-1,000 employees, depending on volatility of seasonal weather) storm damage assessment and restoration contractor in America. They work very hard helping communities around the country recover after big wind and hail storms and other catastrophic weather events. Their offices are on the square there in Waxahachie.”

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