The best shot Roger and Kyle Mangum ever took, they took together.

The father and son were hunting Dec. 29 when they claimed a trophy whitetail on land they were hunting in Crockett County.

“The deer came out and I took a shot at it when it was walking away,” said Kyle Mangum, 12. “I knew I hit it but he kept going. Dad grabbed my gun and put him down.”

Two shots and one deer had just turned into a good day’s hunt and a lifetime of memories.

Mangum said this isn’t his first deer but it is his biggest and best.

“And the way it happened is sort of neat,” he added.

Mangum said he and his father were hunting but got busy tightening a bolt on the deer stand they were hunting out of.

“I looked up and saw a 4-point (deer) walk right by the stand,” said Kyle. “I said, ‘Look it’s a deer,’ and I started to shoot.”

But the older Mangum used the wisdom of other hunts to urge his son to wait.

“That deer went over and jumped in some bushes and started fighting a 6-point that we hadn’t even seen,” said Kyle. “I wanted to shoot the 6-point but dad again said wait.”

Sure enough the sound of horns clashing acted like a magnet for other deer.

Kyle said there ended up being seven deer in the clearing at one time.

“Then this big one popped his head out and me and dad got real excited,” said Kyle. “We still didn’t have a shot and had to wait some more.”

When the big buck finally gave Kyle a broadside shot, Kyle raised his gun and fired.

“He must have been moving away, because when we cleaned him he was shot in the back quarter,” said Kyle. “He jumped when I shot and then just started walking away.

“When dad shot, he fell over,” Kyle explained. “Then dad made me wait some more to make sure he was dead.”

The deer had 10 traditional points but the taxidermist called it an 18-point, 9X9 rack.

“They told us if you can hang a ring on it, it counts as a point,” said Kyle.

The Mangums were hunting in the late afternoon just outside Sonora on the Emmett Ranch. They were hunting in mesquite, cactus and cedar with a .243-caliber Winchester.

Kyle’s two grandfathers have put up the money for a full head mount.

Kyle said this was the third deer he has ever shot.