Downtown Waxahachie was filled with activity Saturday morning with the opening of the downtown farmers market.

Vendor booths lined the streets as people shopped for items ranging from fresh produce to plants to handmade décor and nicknacks.

“We came last year a lot in the summer and really enjoyed it. I think that is great and the kids were up early this morning and decided to venture out. The kids were very excited to see the bounce house here this morning and equally excited to see the fresh bread and cherries,” Candace Lutrick said.

“We have bought bread, cherries, water melons and peaches. I would just encourage people to come out and take part in it. We are looking forward to participating all summer,” she said.

Among the vendors were Jerry and Tara Pommer, who operate Ghost Dog Hollow Farm in Grandview and offer customers items such as farm fresh eggs and hand made soap.

“We keep 80 or so chickens and we have a herd of dairy goats that produce our own dairy products and all the eggs that we can stand,” Jerry Pommer said. “The eggs that you find at the supermarket have often been in transit for awhile and they are much older than you think. Fresh eggs are nice and dark and rich tasting. Bakers really appreciate fresh eggs.”

The Pommers’ booth will be at the market each Saturday. Prices for the eggs are $4 a dozen; soaps with scents such as mint and lavender are $5-$6.

Another vendor featured hats in all shapes and sizes. Mark Miller, known to his customers as “the Cobbler,” was selling hats made out of palm leaves that he purchases directly from a manufacturer in Mexico.

“The beauty of the palm leaf hat is they last a long time. They are a little heavier than a bangora, which is made out of straw. If the bangora hat were to get wet it is ruined,” Miller said. “With the palm leaf hat, you reshape it and go on. The most expensive hats here are $40.”

Shopper Jimmy Smith said he’s been coming to the market for many years and says it’s a good way not only to support the community but to support local producers.

Along with the farmers market opening for the season, the fourth annual Spring Fling took place in the parking lot on the corner of Jefferson and South Rogers streets. Antique dealers with booths at My Father’s House and Old Town Village set up for an outdoor flea market.

“It is going pretty well, I think; we have had a lot of traffic. A lot of people are coming in and I have made a lot of good sales. I have sold a lot of small nicknacks and some artwork,” Diana Buckley, a vendor from My Father’s House Antique Mall, said. “People are really looking at everything today. It is a great event and I plan to do it again next year and hopefully it will be even better.”

Shopper Kat Radcliffe was looking for items to be used to create art.

“I am a recycle artist and I am always looking for interesting pieces that I can develop into something else. A lot of the rustic kind of things here have been drawing my attention. I also love to admire other people’s work that do similar things that I do,” Radcliff said.

Doris Wheeler, who was looking at handmade and crocheted items, said she was drawn to the Spring Fling event after attending the farmers market.

The farmers market runs every Saturday from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. through Oct. 15 in downtown Waxahachie on Franklin Street from Rogers to College. For more information about the farmers market or to rent a vendor booth, contact downtown development director Anita Williamson 972-937-7330, ext. 198, or email

Contact Andrew at or 469-517-1458.